French Polynesia with Kids – Anna Everywhere

French Polynesia has always been topping the list of the most iconic honeymoon destinations around the world. Stunning landscapes of Moorea, overwater bungalows of Bora Bora, uncovered islands like Nuku Hiva and bustling Tahiti. It’s a great place to explore! I’ve been wanting to go for a while, but everyone seemed to think I was … Read more

My Favorite Travel Clothes for Women

When it comes to traveling, lounging, working, or basically anything in life, I try to get away with wearing comfy clothes as often as possible. Especially lately, there’s been no discernable reason that I can come up with for why I should wear anything but comfy clothes. My biggest issue with them is they can … Read more

Traveling to South Sudan as a Tourist

“Why go? Is it worth going?” – these were the most common questions about South Sudan.Many assume that if a destination is difficult it might not be worth visiting. While my trip wasn’t easy I found South Sudan incredibly interesting and allowed me to get to know the amazing people, even if often we didn’t … Read more