How To Visit Claife Viewing Station

Claife Viewing Station has been a popular attraction and viewpoint for centuries in the Lake District. It was previously a Gothic tower built during the Picturesque movement where wealthy tourists would admire the views or attend dinner dances.  Eventually, it fell into ruin and today it’s a viewpoint that is owned and protected by the … Read more

Slater’s Bridge Lake District – How To Find It In Little Langdale!

Slater’s Bridge Lake District was an amazing and unexpected find on my recent visit to Cumbria. It’s an ancient pedestrian crossing and packhorse bridge made of slate that allowed workers to traverse the River Brathay. They would cross over to access slate quarries like Little Langdale and Hodge Close. Today, many people cross this curious … Read more

30 Travel Jobs that You Should Know About

Now that the world is currently experiencing what experts are calling “the Great Resignation,” more and more people are contemplating quitting their 9-to-5 jobs to go explore the world. With so many incredible places on this planet to visit, can you blame them? Even before the pandemic, remote jobs were becoming increasingly common, only to … Read more

Where to Stay in Puerto Rico

Called the heart and soul of the Caribbean, Puerto Rico is a Caribbean paradise with old-world charm. Officially known as Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico or the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, this island is only 110 miles (180 km) long and 40 miles (64 km) wide. Yet this small island is home to exceptional … Read more