San Pancho, Mexico, is a Dream


The waves crash fast on the yellow sand, stirring up flecks of gold in the green-hued Pacific. I’ve known this ocean all my life and yet never felt it so warm and inviting. It’s like the sol, and the soul too, have spent a little more time here.

I spend my days lying under the palm trees and trying to will the perfectly yellow coconuts to fall down with my mind. I haven’t been successful yet, but when I find a way, I will let you know.

There are no high-rise hotels nor dazzling lights. The cell signal barely works, even in town, although there are adorable shops and delicious restaurants to keep you busy. What is it you desire? The perfect cheesecake, cactus tacos for under a dollar, or perhaps fancy fish?

Just take a stroll, it feels like anything could be discoverable here.

There’s only one important thing to do, and that is to relax. Nowhere to be, no schedule to maintain, no alarm to set.

It was by chance that I ended up here. I had originally been looking at Sayulita, but upon finding nothing on the sand, cast a wider net and found a bungalow, a ten minute walk from the nearest town of San Francisco and Playa San Pancho. It’s like fate stepped in because it’s a town with ecstatic dance, happy and healthy dogs running free range, and surprise sea turtles running into the waves at dusk.

Can you think of a more perfect place to do nothing?

I wish the photo were better, but I committed to chilling so much on this trip I didn’t even bring my camera! All phone shots. BTW I have NEVER done that!

Nothing but sleep, wake up to the beautiful ocean, dip in the pool when that feels right, make a banana strawberry smoothie because all of the fruit in Mexico seems to be perfectly ripe somehow, and watch as the pelicans, frigates, and a few other yellow birds I can’t name, announce the arrival of the late afternoon. Then the sun turns orange, extinguishes in the sea until another day comes and goes, and I rinse and repeat.

I wish I could write a list of ‘things to do’ here — or actually I don’t — not doing things was exactly the point. It’s like nature designed a spot that begs you to slow down. The beach isn’t too long, there aren’t signs in town advertising day tours, nobody is in shop windows calling you in to book an excursion. San Pancho is designed to be laid back, and it is delicious perfection.

How often in life are we so busy that we hardly notice when our health starts to go or our relationships suffer? How often do we, even when on vacation, actually just slow down, sleep, and have no agenda? For me, it’s a constant state of doing, and in San Pancho I did a lot more just being, and it was exactly what I needed.

If it’s exactly what you need too, I hope you come check it out. But don’t let the word get out too much, okay? Let’s just keep this little secret between you and me.

Where to Stay in San Pancho

The Airbnb I stayed in was perfect for me. It was just one room, a kitchenette, and a shared pool. The Wi-Fi didn’t work, and that was just perfect somehow. You can find it here (and get up to $55 off here).

The Best Places to Eat in San Pancho

While there’s a veritable cornucopia of options, I best reduce these for you to a special few; these were my favorites:

  • My overall favorite, Taquería Los Arbolitos (cheap, delicious tacos).
  • La Ola Rica for higher end Mexican food.
  • Barracuda for seafood.
  • Café Paraíso for coffee and cake.
  • El Indio for groceries, and the fruiteria on the same street, a few shops down, for the best fruit.

Enjoy this little gem!

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